Violet Is Blue: A Tale of Gibbons and Guardians

This heartwarming, sometimes heart-wrenching cinematic documentary will draw you into a world the likes of which you've never seen. A fascinating society of Gibbons and their Guardians in a remote Conservation Center. Harrowing events will test the their resolve.  Yet the fun and joys of these singing apes, and especially Violet, will capture your soul.

Gibbons sense a foreboding event before their human companions become aware of it. A Clip from Violet Is Blue, a Tale of Gibbons and Guardians

The Team

Alex M. Azmi, Director and Executive producer:

Alex Azmi is an Emmy-Award winner filmmaker. He is based in Los Angeles, CA and  is interested in documentaries and narrative films that deal with social and human issues. Alex is dedicated to producing high quality films in collaboration with talented artists in the US and around the world.

Michael Thau, Producer, Writer, and Editor:

Son of storied MGM executive Benny Thau, Michael has worked on many celebrated features and television shows.  Eventually Director/Producer Richard Donner promoted him, putting him to work on a variety of projects including The GooniesThe Lost Boys, and The Lethal Weapon series.  Michael restored Superman - The Movie, directing and producing acclaimed documentaries about the groundbreaking film.  Recently Michael produced and edited Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut,  reinstating the majority of the director’s “lost” material, including the never-seen-before last screen appearance of Marlon Brando. The film won the prestigious Saturn Award.  Michaels’ film career also includes directing various projects including HBO’s Tales of the Crypt, the short A call for Help, and second-unit direction for Lethal Weapon 2 and Scrooged.

Dan Watt, Producer

Dan Watt is a Documentary filmmaker interested in stories exploring the human experience, the arts, and the protection and conservation of our planet and wildlife.  Dan currently has a feature film in post-production examining the arts and children, and another film in production honoring women and their journey through life.  

Federico Ferrandina, Composer

Federico is an Italian music artist, born into a family of classical musicians. That heritage seemed destined to pair his irrepressible hunger for diverse musical galaxies with non-musical disciplines.  Ferrandina's work gained the attention of the entertainment industry, and many of his compositions are currently in major movies and TV shows soundtracks, such as the multi-Oscar winner Dallas Buyers Club and in Netflix and HBO series.  Federico just released his first solo album for French label Another Music Records, an unconventional and genre-defining work that displays his musical language and his forward-thinking concepts of sound.

Gibbons In The Wild

Gibbons in the wild exist in the shadow of extinction. They face numerous challenges including deforestation, hunting, and illegal trades. Of the 20 known species, 19 are endangered, critically endangered, or near extension.

The Gibbon Conservation Center,, where the film events take place, is dedicated to helping Gibbons by educating the public and providing much needed research. The Gibbon Conservation Center is located in Santa Clarita, CA.


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